Body treatments

It's normal for a woman to want smooth skin for cosmetic reasons.

Cellulite is usually defined by water infiltration and an accumulation of fat in the adipocytes, this leads to the thickening and disruption of fibrous tissue.

Inflammation of the edema will form and normal circulation will no longer drain toxins and water properly Greasy hypertrophied cells combined with edematous infiltration caused by poor drainage will give the appearance of orange peel skin.
Over time, cellulite becomes denser, thus making area around the skin painful.

Depending on the phase of cellulite the adipocytes find themselves wrapped up in collagen fibers that are more or less hardened.

At Dermaferme we use technologically advanced devices paired a variety of techniques to optimize results and give you a smoother skin and firmer body.

For body contouring or when certain areas despite all your efforts put into your training sessions fail to meet your expectation, it is also possible by heating the Hypodermis to reduce localized fat in the abdomen, arms, saddle bags and inner knees.

  • Bipolar and unipolar radiofrequency
  • Infrared light and magenta
  • Vacuo massage or rolling massage
  • Massage and lymphatic drainage
  • Collagen Induction therapy or micropuncture therapy to improve the appearance of skin and reduce stretch marks

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