Facial Treatments

Over time, collagen in your skin gradually diminishes. Add the effects of gravity and skin looses its lustre and tone. As with skin on the neck, it will sag and facial contours become less defined.

Traitement du visage

We provide care that helps the regeneration of skin cells, stimulate collagen and give your face a youthful appearance.

Collagen induction therapy or micropuncture:

In a sterile environment our nurse uses the Swiss Clinical Medical Dermaroller. This device is covered with many small fine needles that are close together. It is rolled several times on the skin in a back and forth motion to stimulate the skin so that it produces new layers of elastin and collagen.

This procedure treats a variety of conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, light acne scaring, enlarged pores and sun damage.

Your skin will be visibly younger with less wrinkles.

Accent Firming Treatment

The Accent device uses radio frequencies as a source of energy. Radio frequencies are used to increase the temperature of tissue that is exposed to it.

Using a hand held device that increases the internal temperature of the dermis, your technician while using circular motions on your face will distribute heat evenly to stimulate fibroblasts which promote the creation of new collagen.

The result is a visible reduction in the densification of your skin with a visible firming effect.

Facial Peeling

Facial peeling Is a technique whereby an acidic substance is applied to the skin. It results in smoother, firmer skin, tightened pores and a smoothing of irregularities. Facial peeling has a rejuvenating and revitalizing effect and also encourages collagen production which makes the skin more luminous and glowing.

With the sound of gentle and relaxing background music, our technician offers specific care to moisturize the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten pores, fight the signs of aging, ensure a uniform complexion and maintain the brightness and brilliance of your face.

Botox and Juvederm

These treatments reduce or eliminate wrinkles and restore lost soft tissue. These treatments have a very natural and instant rejuvenating effect. Through intensive training and experience our nurse will answer your questions and create a bond of trust.

Permanent Makeup - Microblading

If you do not want a runny makeup, missing or sparse eyebrows or if you want more defined lips for a natural pulpy effect, permanent makeup is for you.

Josée Lemieux is in the field of permanent cosmetics and aesthetics for over 30 years. She has taken several courses in makeup rejuvenation, as well as camouflage imperfections. She collaborates with several doctors and surgeons for her expertise in bringing additional solutions to hair transplant, scars after surgery and vitiligo (skin discoloration).

In addition, she completed a Masters in permanent makeup in 2007 in the United States (Texas, California). Also, she participated in several specific training courses (baldness, scars, nipples areolas and 3D techniques).

She is aiming nothing but the complete satisfaction of the customers and permanent makeup is a passion for her...
Josée can be present in our premises to meet your expectations.

Go ahead and get a free consultation with our technician.

Good to know:
You must flee makeup “rebates" offered on group buying sites. The price for a missed makeup will never be worth the few dollars saved.