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Our commitment is to provide quality care in a safe manner while being respectful and attentive to your needs.


Trust our team, a beautiful difference will be noticed.

We use a variety of techniques to reverse, or at the very least, slow down the signs of aging.

Specialists come to our clinic.

DERMAFERME offers the possibility to receive superior quality treatments by collaborating with passionate professionals.

In order to maximize positive results, our qualified team will take the time to educate you on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

What ever your age, your lifestyle and your skin care have in fact, great influence on its beauty & freshness.

Our Promotions

pyramide des soins de la peau à Laval

Vous désirez une belle peau?

Comme tous les organes du corps, la peau est soumise aux effets du temps. Si cet effet est visible, il est très influencé par la façon dont on en prend soin tout au long de sa vie.

La diminution du collagène est naturelle et elle débute autour de l'âge de 25 ans.

Les injections, les soins quotidiens & les traitements professionnels sont complémentaires.

Pour retarder le recours aux injections rajeunissantes ainsi que pour en préserver le résultat et éviter d'y dépenser une petite fortune, vaut mieux avoir recours à des soins et des crèmes contenant les actifs reconnus pour lutter contre le vieillissement de la peau.

Pour un effet plus marqué sur l'apparence de la peau, il faut combiner les actifs et les molécules afin d'agir sur le derme et l'épiderme.

Voici une pyramide qui illustre les soins qui viennent contrer l'effet du temps et la perte de collagène.

Spring 2024

Offre de lancement sur deux nouveaux produits offerts chez DERMAFERME!

Moins de rides et plus de fermeté!

Des produits Québécois, fabriqués avec des ingrédients issus de la biotechnologie.

Des formules qui nourrissent la peau en profondeur.

Le Gel Régénérant Anti-Âge Derma Collagenᴹᴰ de RD Cosmetic :

Pour une formule innovante et scientifiquement prouvé. Deux fois plus efficace que le rétinol, sans les effets secondaires de celui-ci. Régénérant, repulpant, il convient à tous les types de peau.

Le Gel Fermeté Derma Elastinᴹᴰ de RD Cosmetic : Pour des effets visibles de gain de fermeté, il agit dans les couches profondes de la peau pour augmenter la densité des fibres d'élastines : ce qui résulte en une peau rebondie et d'apparence plus jeune.

Cette offre est disponible pour un temps limité.

Pour en connaitre davantage sur les produits RD Cosmetic vous pouvez consulter leur site web :

Promotion RD Cosmetic DERMAFERME - Printemps 2024 chez Dermaferme à Laval
Promotion Injections esthétiques DERMAFERME - printemps 2024
Promotion Infusion DERMAFERME - printemps 2024
Promotion Microneedling DERMAFERME - printemps 2024
Promotion produits DERMAFERME - printemps 2024

Des produits et des traitements thérapeutiques axés sur les résultats!

  • La gamme ZO® Skin Health a été formulé par le Dr Zein Obagi, dermatologue de renommée mondiale.
  • ZO® repousse les limites des soins de la peau.
  • ZO® propose une approche globale pour créer et maintenir une peau saine pour tous.

Consultez-nous pour une analyse de peau gratuite!

Cellulite treatment and body contouring

A woman's desire for smooth skin is justified for aesthetic reasons, but also for the self-confidence it provides.

Cellulite is generally defined by water infiltration and fat accumulation in the adipocytes. This leads to a thickening and disorganization of the fibrous tissue.

An oedema will form and the local circulation will no longer be able to drain toxins and water properly. It is the hypertrophied fat cells combined with the oedematous infiltration caused by poor drainage that give the epidermis the appearance of orange peel skin. Over time, the cellulite becomes denser, making the affected areas painful.

Depending on the phases of cellulite, the adipocytes are wrapped in more or less hardened collagen fibres.

At DERMAFERME, we use high-tech devices combined with different techniques to optimize results and give you a more harmonious body and firmer skin.

For a remodelling of the body contours or when certain areas resist despite all your efforts to your training program, it is also possible by warming up the hypodermis to reduce fat localized to the belly, arms, saddlebags and the inner face of the knees.

  • Bipolar and unipolar radio frequency.
  • Infrared and magenta light.
  • Vacuo massage.
  • Electrostimulation, massage and lymphatic drainage.
  • Collagen induction therapy or micropuncture to improve skin appearance and reduce stretch marks.

Traitement pour la cellulite chez Dermaferme à Laval


Over the years, the collagen present in the skin gradually decreases. Under the effect of gravity, facial skin then loses tone and firmness. As for the neck, it sags and the oval of the face becomes less defined.

We offer treatments that help regenerate skin cells to revive collagen and give the face a youthful look. Our anti-aging treatments such as facials or microneedling use the best possible equipment for your beauty.

The ACS-PEN® is a tool for collagen Induction, microneedling or mesotherapy with the ACS-PEN®.

A treatment for skin rejuvenation.

It is scientifically proven that a treatment with ACS-PEN® helps to stimulate new collagen easily and permanently.

This procedure treats a variety of conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, enlarged pores, age spots, stretch marks and sagging skin.

The skin will be visibly rejuvenated and wrinkles will be less apparent. Ingeniously made in Germany by the inventor of the original Dermaroller® Mr Horst Liebl.

It is scientifically proven that a treatment with ACS-PEN® helps to stimulate new collagen easily and permanently.

The skin will be visibly rejuvenated and wrinkles less apparent.

Peeling / Basic facial

Peeling is a technique that consists of applying an acidic substance to the skin. The objectives of a peel are to obtain a smoother, firmer skin, tightened pores, smoothing of irregularities, it has an important revitalizing effect due to the production of new collagen, the skin is more luminous and radiant.

The basic facial is a skin hygiene treatment that promotes the absorption of various active ingredients contained in cosmetic products. To the sound of soft and relaxing music, our technician offers specific treatments to moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, reduce dilated pores, fight the signs of aging and ensure an even complexion.

Oxygen serum infusion

A treatment that is both relaxing and effective because it deeply moisturizes the skin.

The combination of hyperbaric oxygen, together with hyaluronic acid, attracts and increases the absorption of a whole cocktail of molecules that act against aging and skin degradation processes.

The slow gliding action of the nozzle that releases the oxygen bubble at a precise angle, close to the skin of the face and neck, instantly activates osmotic hydration and ingredient delivery.

We let the oxygen used for this facial do its primary job: to invigorate and revitalize the skin!

This is a great way to pamper all skin types.


This treatments will reduce or eliminate wrinkles and restore soft tissue loss. These treatments have an instant and very natural rejuvenating effect.

With her experience, Dre. Landry will be able to answer your questions and create a bond of trust.

Mesotherapy to stop hair loss

Mesotherapy consists of sending vitamins, minerals and amino acids to the scalp. It is a cocktail of active ingredients to stimulate hair regrowth.

Better results are obtained on recent hair loss.

Our Team

DERMAFERME provides top quality treatments offered by a professionnal team.

Photo de Carole Savignac de DERMAFERME
Carole Savignac

Owner of

For your medical aesthetic injections, Dre. Landry's undeniable expertise will provide delightfull results.

For skin rejuvenation, consult with Carole Savignac to discover the diversity of treatments possible.


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Prices may vary depending on the protocol used (time/products/molecules) during treatment.

  • Anti-cellulite cure / 10 treatments

    starting at $775.00

  • Facial

    from $95.00

  • Serum Oxygen Infusion

    starting at $125.00

  • Microneedling

    starting at $175.00

Our Technology

State-of-the-art devices. DERMAFERME provides you with high-performance devices which give excellent results.

Whether it's to treat cellulite or rejuvenate facial skin, we have solutions.

Radio Frequency.

One of our devices uses radio frequency as its power source. Radiofrequency is used to increase the temperature of the tissue exposed to it.

According to the programmed parameters it is possible to heat the skin on the surface to promote the production of new collagen to firm the skin, as well as to heat the fat deposits in the deep dermis to reduce fat cells.

Rolling Massage

A rolling massage device offers a combination infrared and magenta light to break up adhesions responsible for orange peel skin.

Lymphatic drainage may also be used to promote the elimination of toxins.

Suction cup.

In combination with palpating-rolling we use suction cups, the negative pressure is created by compressing the suction cup on the skin. This pressure can treat adhesions related to cellulite up to 4 inches deep, so it is possible to reach the hypodermis and facilitate a loosening of congested tissues.


An electro-stimulation device that sends electrical impulses through electrodes to tone muscles, arms, abs, thighs and buttocks.

It is also possible to heat up the fat deposits in the deep dermis in order to reduce the fat cells. In addition, this thermal activity will improve circulation and help drain fatty deposits and toxins. This will stimulate the fibroblasts to generate more collagen. The result of these combined effects is a decrease in cellulite and a reshaping of the body contours.

Our many years of experience will provide convincing results!

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